Patricia Penned

"Best detailing I have ever had! They did not miss a think, my car is cleaner than it was when I bought it!"


Reviewed by Patricia Fisher

Lorne's Letter

I had both my Cadillac and Colorado done with the ultimate detail package. I am extremely satisfied with both, I am a fussy customer and everything was great. LB"

Jsk Jotted

"AMAZING! So happy with the great job Cochrane Auto Spa did! My LR4 looks like a new one. Staff are very friendly and professional."

Nicola Noted

"Wow... Just had my car detailed, its like brand new again. Awesome service, highly recommended if yours is ready for a clean.."

J's Jam

 "I love when my car is clean! It is so nice to it back so FRESH! Now if I could only keep it this nice..." 

Robert Raved

Hi Mike, I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with the your team at Cochrane Auto Spa.  I bought my Dodge Dart used at a local dealer and had issues with some swirl marks and light scratches. I brought the vehicle to you for a power polish and the vehicle looks like it came off of the showroom floor. Thank you so much!